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Key corkscrews have been manufactured since
the 1920's. However, the vast majority that
surface have their origins in Germany & date
from the 1950's or later. They are a two piece
design, in the shape of a key, with a sheath that
protects the worm when not being used. Many
have a handy cap lifter too.

With the key to the door at aged 21 being
somewhat of a tradition around the World. What
could be better as a gift, the key to the door with
a corkscrew attached!

Many of the German key corkscrews have a
Verdigris type finish & they can often be found
with a German Town shields or coat of arms.

There is a good quality, silver plated German key
corkscrew, known as a Bremen key. A diligent
collector can find many different variants.
Key Corkscrews...
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A collection of Key corkscrews
Here's a
substantial English
Key corkscrew -
The Britannia Key.
A super piece with
a Lion & Unicorn
handle with a cap
Here's another English Key
Corkscrew with the original box -
The Baron Key. The handle
depicts two Mermaids head to

A super selection of German key corkscrews
with a verdigris type finish. Some with vine &
grape decoration.

Top right marked "In Vino Veritas" translates to
"In wine the truth".

The top right example also carries a town coat
of arms for Goslar.
A large heavy Scandinavian key
corkscrew, marked "Helm".

A quality brass
Key corkscrew
marked on the
bottom A good of
the sheath
"Aubock" for the
modernist Carl

There are a good number of variations of silver plated, very
stylish key corkscrew that originate from the German Town
Bremen. They have become known as "Bremen Key

They were first produced in the 1950's & can be found with
original presentation boxes. Some variations were
accompanied by bottle stoppers & cap lifters.
"There are many
different variants of
key corkscrew & they
are relatively cheap
to buy"
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